Counselling Philosophy

Not all people seek counselling because they are experiencing mental health problems; some people also seek counselling for personal growth and development. In either case, our philosophy involves working with people to assist them to achieve and feel their very best mentally, physically and spiritually.

Dr. Kenneth J. BarabashKenneth J. Barabash, Ph.D., RPT/S, R. Psych. Dr. Patricia A. KostourosPatricia A. Kostouros, M.A., R.Psych., Ph.D.
At Beyond Words Counselling and Consulting, Inc., our philosophy includes:
  • Clients are experts in their own lives; their personal stories and experiences can provide valuable and  meaningful feedback about themselves, and these elements can provide helpful insights during our sessions.
  • We act as facilitators to assist clients toward better understanding themselves and invoke changes they desire in life.
  • We will assist clients in understanding their thoughts and feelings, and help them develop practical ideas about their potential for change in order to create a positive outlook and desired outcome.
  • While clients may move forward a few steps, and then possibly a step backwards, we will assist clients in keeping them focused toward achieving their desired goals for change, and we will guide them as long as they are willing to keep moving forward.
  • Each psychologist has some specific training and areas of expertise, and while we are willing to share our knowledge, we seek to first understand our clients and what they already know about themselves in order to help them succeed in their lives.
  • Ultimately, we want clients to be happy and fulfilled in their lives!